Hull fire: Wind turbine ablaze as thick black smoke billows over town

A wind turbine caught fire on Wednesday morning (August 3), propelling smoke across a huge area of Hull.

A vast trail of smoke could be spotted rising from the Croda turbine just after 7am.

Then, an area of grassland close by to the turbine appeared to have caught fire.

The turbine was still continuing to rotate as the fire spread, reported Hull Live.

Humberside Fire & Rescue Service confirmed it received “multiple calls” about the incident and a crew was already in attendance.

Video footage from the morning revealed fiery debris cascading from the blazing turbine onto the surrounding area.

The plume of smoke coming from the turbine fire could be seen for miles around.

The 125m turbine is the oldest in the city of Hull, having been granted planning approval in May 2007.

It was erected a year later in 2008.

Lewis Scott, Hull FC’s media manager and responsible also for Tribal Kingswood’s social media, spotted the fierce blaze shortly after 8am.

In a post on social media at 8.11am he said: “Wind turbine at Croda in North Hull in a major bother this morning – huge fire, and looks to be falling apart.

“Acrid black smoke drifting east across the city.”

It’s reported to be Hull’s oldest wind turbine, and each blade of the turbine weights 8,000 kilograms.

The wind turbine’s planning application was submitted in May 2006 and it was approved in September 2007.

Images submitted by a member of the public showed how the fire quickly spread across the 125m tall structure.

Humberside Fire & Rescue Service were in attendance at the scene.

It issued a short statement on social media confirming a crew was tackling the blaze.

The statement said: “CONTROL – We are receiving multiple calls regarding a fire involving the wind turbine on Oak Road fields between Clough Road and Sutton Fields in Hull.

“Crews are in attendance.”