‘Heartbroken’ dog owner pleas for witnesses after pet doused in petrol and set alright

A heartbroken dog owner has begged for witnesses to come forward after her dog was “doused in petrol and set alight”.

Angela Clennell’s eight-year-old cocker spaniel Lucky died last Friday (July 29) after being stolen from the family’s garden in Outson, County Durham.

The 56-year-old was left devastated after Lucky was taken along with a second dog, Sandy, at about 10pm on Wednesday.

Sandy fortunately escaped untouched, but the cocker spaniel was “doused in petrol and set alight”.

She was later found in the Deneside area of Lanchester with more than 50 per cent of her body burnt.

Angela has now spoken out about the attack on her “gentle” and “loving” dog, saying she “will not settle” until those responsible are “held to justice”.

She told TalkTV: “Lucky was just such a gentle dog, loving and friendly.

“I just can’t understand why anybody would do something so horrific to a defenceless animal. I just can’t understand it.

“I just think that if you’re capable of doing that to a dog then you’re capable of doing anything, capable of doing it to a child. It’s absolutely horrific.”

Police think the incident was a “targeted attack” as a result of an ongoing dispute.

Detective Inspector Daniel Peacock previously said: “We are satisfied this is a targeted attack as a result of an ongoing dispute.

“We are confident there is no wider threat to other dogs in our community and it is not linked to theft of dogs for purposes of breeding or sale.”

Angela added: “People are still donating to a GoFundMe page but I’m determined now. I won’t settle until these people are held to justice.”

The injured cocker spaniel was rushed to a nearby vets before being transferred to Wear Referrals Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Hospital.

Angela previously said: “She was found by a girl walking her dog but she couldn’t catch her, her skin was smouldering and she was running around.

“The fire service managed to get her and the police, who had been at my property, took her to the vet.

“Her injuries were absolutely horrific, she was unrecognisable. She had burns to over 50 percent of her body.

“She was receiving treatment at the vets and we took her to the animal hospital yesterday afternoon. Her skin was going hard because burns got worse the more the day went on.

“The hospital examined her and they said due to the extent of her injuries she would have to be put to sleep.”

A Go Fund Me page was set up, raising over £10,800 at the time of writing, to help towards vet fees.

Any remaining funds are likely to be contributed towards a reward for information that leads to a prosecution.

Consett Police said last Wednesday that a man had been arrested after a dog was seriously injured when it was stolen from a garden in Ouston.

Two days later, Durham Constabulary confirmed the man has been bailed and a second man is currently assisting the police with their enquiries.